How to Fix Your Online Reputation For Job Hunters

A negative online reputation impacts job searches. Recently, I met a law school graduate who was looking to branch out in a new career after working for a prestigious law firm, but could not land an interview because of a negative online reputation.

Although she is smart, dedicated, and talented, when a recruiter or employer searched for her name online, several negative links showed up on the first page on Google.

As a result, in spite of her excellent background, job history, education and personal presentation, she had a difficult time getting an interview, and for the few she got, very few called her back for a second interview — in fact, many simply did not call again. A major reason is because four or five very damaging negative posts come up when searching for her name.

Having a good or perfect online reputation is crucial today for job candidates, recent college graduates or young professionals. Any negative information, whether it be a bad blog post or poor online review can cause employers to simply stop calling and move on to the next candidate.

There are ways to fix your online reputation if you are switching careers or looking for a new job. Here are a few helpful tips.

Start Now When The Problem Occurs

Be Honest During Interviews

How to Fix the Problem: Remove it

Take Charge by Publishing Great Things About You

What to write? How long will it take? Well, that depends. A good first step to see what other good things have already been written about you and make sure it’s online. If it’s not, publish it immediately. Next, think about recent newsworthy events, conferences, awards, accomplishments or original ideas and publish them on blogs or other sites. Engaging in social media is crucial to spread the word about the new content.

How long will it take? It depends on how bad the negative item is, how popular it is or how many hits it gets, your existing online presence and the effort you put into fixing your online reputation. Generally, it could easily take MONTHS. If necessary, consider working with a professional to speed the process.

Frequently add New Good Information

Bottom Line

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